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About Us

JM Title Services, Inc. was founded in 2003 by its President, Michael A. Trinkler, Esq. and its Vice President, Jacqueline L. Trinkler, a paralegal with nearly 30 years of experience in closing both residential and commercial property transactions. Jacqueline handles all real estate transactions personally, along with assistance from our staff, and she works tirelessly to provide the most reliable, professional and efficient title settlement services in Florida.

At the heart what we do is a commitment to your overall satisfaction. We pride ourselves on promoting an environment of concern and compassion for our clients. As soon as we are engaged to handle your real estate transaction we promptly open your file and order all essential title-related searches and inquiries so it can be determined early in the process whether any title issues exist so there may be ample time to address any concerns before closing.

JM Title Services, Inc. takes pride in the quality of our work and providing excellent service by utilizing professional and uncompromising ethics. We strive to get our clients to the closing table with the least amount of hassle and complication.


Our mission is to work in partnership with realtors, lenders, attorneys, buyers and sellers to coordinate a seamless transaction that affords client satisfaction.


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