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JM Title Services, Inc. provides title insurance and real estate settlement and closing services whether you are buying, selling or refinancing either residential or commercial property.


Residential/Commercial Closings

We deliver comprehensive and full service title and settlement services for all real estate transactions associated with the purchase, sale, or refinance of residential and commercial property.


Title and Municipal Lien Searches:

The property title is thoroughly searched to confirm the seller owns the property and to determine whether there are any liens, mortgage or title defects which need to be addressed in order for clear title to pass to buyer. A municipal lien search is also obtained from the municipality where the property is located to determine whether there are any open/expired permits, code enforcement violations or liens or outstanding sums due against the property.


Preparation and Explanation of Closing Documents:

We prepare the necessary documents to transfer title and we go to great lengths to make sure all closing documents are properly explained in a simple, understandable manner.


For Sale By Owner Closings:

The process of transferring title to a property can be complex. JM Title Services, Inc. has extensive experience in creating a seamless closing process for sellers and buyers in a For Sale By Owner transaction.


Short Sales:

Short Sales are beneficial to homeowners and lenders because it avoids the negative financial consequences both parties face in foreclosure; however, there is a high volume of work involved in the process. JM Title Services, Inc. can handle all of the details of a short sale transaction from submission to closing.


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